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Duties of the Administrator of Elections

The Administrator of Elections, hired by the county election commission, is responsible for the daily operations of the office and the execution of all elections. These duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Employs all office personnel.
2. Prepares the annual operating budget and submits same to the election commission for approval.
3. Upon approval by the election commission , presents the budget to the county commission for funding.
4. Maintain all voter registration files, campaign disclosure records, and all other records required. 5. Prepares and maintains all fiscal records necessary for the daily operation of the election commission office and all elections. This may include any requests for funding or changes in funding, if necessary, after adoption of the current fiscal budget.
6. Compiles, maintains and disseminates information to the public, the candidates, the voters, the press and all inquiring parties in regards to all aspects of the electoral process on all governmental level.
7. Have knowledge of all current laws pertaining to the election process, and any changes mandated by the general assembly, and so informing the election commissioners, office staff, candidates, the press and public in general of this information.
8. Assists in the planning and implementation of any plan of apportionment or reapportionment of any governmental entity involved in the electoral process {redistricting}.
9. Requisitions and purchases any supplies necessary for the operation of the election commission office and the conduct of all elections.
10. Attend all required seminars and other educational meetings to gain knowledge beneficial to the administration of the election commission office or to the electoral process.